Sunday, September 15, 2013

1 year old!

Wow! I officially have a one year old! Maybe even a toddler. I also officially suck at blogging. I haven't posted since his 11 month old one. Oops. I hope to get better.

Now on to one year old Dylan....

*He loves to wave bye-bye. Anytime you say "do you want to go bye bye?" He waves his hands bye-bye ferociously and starts getting excited. If you're standing by the front door, he will point to the car and yell if you're not moving fast enough.

*He loves to give kisses. Now when I say kisses, I mean opening his mouth really wide and lunging at your face.

*He absolutely loves to dance. He will dance when there isn't even any music on.

*He's officially crawling up the stairs and furniture walking. He will walk with one of his walker toys as well. He won't do it very far but he'll do it.

*He is off of bottles. I did that right after his one year appointment. I gave him one more bottle that night and we haven't looked back. It's amazing how much more food he'll eat now.

*He has his two teeth on the bottom and one and a half on the top.

*We are trying to hard to get rid of his morning nap but it's pretty difficult. Sometimes he's the only one at school awake for a few hours because all of his other friends are sleeping and are on one nap a day.

*His favorite foods are: Cheez-its, chicken (but without the breading...weirdo), peas, carrots, applesauce with cinnamon, saltines, still Puffs, maple wheels, pancakes with applesauce (thanks grandma!), milk, BANANAS!!!!!, grilled cheese, tater tots/french fries....

*Still saying "mama" and "dada" all the time.

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