Thursday, July 4, 2013

Canvas birth announcement

Time for another tutorial!

I had bought a pack of 3 canvases when they were on sale just because that's what I do. I ended up only using 1, so I've had 2 sitting in the basement with the rest of Hobby Lobby. Dan told me I'm not allowed to start a project if I have one unfinished. So after we went to the zoo today, we went to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff to plan for Dylan's first birthday (EEEEEEK!) and I would canvas when we got home. Oddly enough, I already had all of the supplies for this canvas activity :)

*Canvas already stretched (mine was 20x20
*Acrylic paints (I really like Americana)
*Sponge brushes
*Letter cut outs (or an awesome husband who buys you a cricut)
*Mod Podge (the greatest thing ever)
*Masking tape
*A pencil (with eraser if you're like me.)
*A ruler
*An idea!

1. I decided I was going to paint the canvas in 4 different squares. So I took the ruler and measured 10 inches in on each side. I made a pencil mark so I had 4 pencil marks around the edge. Then I measured in 10 inches so I had a spot in the center of the canvas as well.

2. Cut a piece of masking tape about 10 inches long and line it up with the pencil mark on the edge to the pencil mark in the center. Do it to the left or right of the pencil mark. If you do it to the right, you're going to paint the section to the left first. But before you do that, you have to do another piece of tape going up the side to the left. Get it? Here's a picture....

On the vertical line, the tape is to the right of the pencil mark. On the horizontal line, the tape is above the pencil mark.

3. Now you're going to start painting. Yay! Paint inside the tape. If you have a dark color and a light color, I recommend doing the light color first because you will probably end up painting a little bit over it with the other color. You'll understand when you see the pictures.

I wasn't sure if you needed to let it dry before you took the tape off, but I am incredibly impatient, so I took it off before it dried. Hindsight, I should've waited. But I'm not allowed to start projects until other ones are done. Also, I will be painting the sides as well.

4. After you take off the tape, tape off another section kiddy corner to the one you just painted.

As you can see, it is far from perfect. But that's ok. Which is why I love this. Nothing I ever do is perfect.

5. Paint this square and remove the tape.

My center is a little jacked up but you won't be able to tell when it's hung up on the wall.

6. After your first color dries (yes, you have to wait), tape off for the other sections. This is where it gets "not so perfect" because you have to put the tape on the blue part.

7. Paint your other color(s).

8. Return to your work space and find pictures of your little man on your camera. (Out of focus he's still the cutest thing ever.)

9. Remove the tape! Ta da!!! I had to go back and go over the brown in the opposite direction to even it out.

10.  This is when I really realized I had to go back and paint the sides - haha. This could also be really cool cheap wall art. Canvases are always on sale I feel like at Michaels, JoAnn and Hobby Lobby.

11. Now you have to decide what you want on it. I decided I wanted to do a birth announcement for our bedroom wall. I have a huge empty space above my dresser and I hate naked walls. I cut out all of the letters on my cricut and laid them out.

12. Um, who is this child?! He looks so different now. It's crazy. I actually ended up not using those 2 pictures - haha. Anyway, I wasn't sure if I could Mod Podge on the canvas without the paint smearing so I had to do some research. Enter: googles. I found this crazy awesome crafter and she helped me out: Mod Podge Rocks

13. I did the next step line by line. Halfway through I realized I should've been using a ruler. Oh well.

Put a layer of Mod Podge down with the sponge brush and lay down the letters. Glob on a layer of the MP on top of that. I always feel like you can never use too much. Just brush all the excess away.

14. I skipped ahead to the end after this........

I didn't plan the bottom square very well, so I threw on the "lovebug" at the end  because that is his nickname :) I am going to spray it with an acrylic sealer tomorrow to finish it off. So I guess I didn't follow my rules - it's not completely finished and I did start a new one....Dylan's birthday banner :)

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  1. This is awesome! I love it and you did such a great job :D