Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 Months Old

Well, I have a 10 month old. And he is getting quite the personality.....

*His schedule has pretty much stayed the same since 9 months. 4 bottles a day, 3 meals, and 1-2 snacks.

*His favorite foods are: flavored applesauce, chicken nuggets, French fries, seasoned hashbrowns, carrots, peas, broccoli, goldfish crackers (a new favorite), any kind of pasta with red sauce (especially stuffed shells), lunch meat (turkey), string cheese, puffs, cheerios, animal crackers,

*He still thinks the cat is the funniest thing in the world. He just stares at her and giggles.

*He is uninterested in his oatmeal/breastmilk combo in the morning. He is pretty much uninterested in any spoon fed foods.

*He enjoys holding onto his own spoon while we feed him or he feeds himself. If he can't reach it, he gets pretty pissed off until it's back in his hands.

*He pretty much puts himself to sleep now. At night Dan rocks him for a little bit then puts him down. He cries for about 5-10 minutes and then he's out. His after dinner nap is no more and he naps in the morning at about 10 and then again after lunch around 2:30. His 3:00 bottle has been moved to 2:30 and then he takes a nap. Dinner is around 4:30.

*NO MORE NURSING!!!!! I am super pumped about this because I don't need to pump anymore. I have enough milk from maternity leave so I don't have to do it anymore. It is pretty painful but I love not being a slave to the pump/clock.

*We are hearing a lot of "da da da da's" and "ba ba ba ba ba's." Also "ha-da!" I have heard "ma ma" once and a while.

*He went on his first airplane ride. Long story short, he did fine while in the air but had a little fussiness at take off and landing.

*We bought a swimming pool for the patio and he is enjoying it. I fill it up in the morning and by the afternoon the water is so warm. He loves to just hang out in it and play with his bath toys. He tries to climb out of it sometimes which scares the crap out of me.

*I came into his classroom one day last week to find him standing up in his crib. He just stares and giggles. :)

*Still in size 2 diapers...can't believe it.

*FIRST TOOTH!!!!!!! I would take a picture of it but it's so small. It's down on the bottom right in the front. I felt it yesterday -- on his 10 month birthday!

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