Saturday, May 11, 2013

8 months

First of all, I can't believe I didn't update for a whole month! Oops. That just tells you how busy we've been! I have been slacking on the picture taking as well. Time to get back to it. Here is what Dylan has been doing....

*His favorite foods are: Applesauce, carrots, sweet potatoes, strawberries, graham crackers, cheerios, puffs, mum mums, chili, red beans and rice, chicken, kix. He is not all that interested in purees anymore so once they are gone, I am done with them.

*He is pretty much feeding himself his food. His applesauce is spoon fed (and the strawberries) but everything else he gets in there pretty well. It sort of happened out of nowhere.

*His is sitting up on his own and hardly falls over anymore.

*He is scooting! It's not a full on crawl yet but he plants his hands and then scoots his belly across the room. I am trying to get a video of it but he stops every time I start recording, of course.

*He is starting to freak out when we leave the room. He gets so angry and just screams. It's kind of obnoxious but does wonderful things to my self esteem.

*We are working on the sign language for "more" and "all done." I am not sure if he gets it because he claps when I say more. But I think he is just clapping because he's getting some more of something that he likes. He laughs his butt off at me anytime I say "all done" or "more" and do the signs for it. I am not sure why it's so funny.

*He loves to clap. That's what you can find him doing most of the time. And yelling for no apparent reason.

*He is still in some 3-6 month clothes and a few 9 month clothes. I had bought a bunch of 9 month summer stuff and it got really nice out so I had to run and get some 6 month summer stuff because he doesn't fit in the 9 month things yet.

*We broke out the jogging stroller and he enjoys it. He just really likes being outside, actually.

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