Tuesday, April 9, 2013

7 months

There have been A LOT of changes in the last month with Dylan. Where should I start?!

*He is still fighting a 4/4:30 nap. If he gets it, then he stays up until 7:30 and then will usually sleep until 6/6:30. If he doesn't get it (which he usually doesn't at school because it takes a lot of effort to get it), he can't stay up past 6:45 and is up at 5 AM! It's exhausting. When I get off at 3:30 I like to pick him up by 4:30 so I can get him home and give him a nap.

*His schedule is pretty much the same as before - nursing in the AM, breakfast around 7:30/8 (a fruit and barley), nap around 8:30/9, 7 oz bottle at 11, lunch at noon (a veggie), nap around 12:30, bottle at 3, another nap if we're lucky, dinner around 4:45/5, nursing around 6:45/7, and then bed.

*The foods he enjoys right now: puffs, sweet potato, squash, peaches, mangoes, pears, apples (mixed with peaches are a fave), puffs, blueberries, carrots, rice rusk snacks, yogurt melts, zucchini, green beans (sometimes), puffs...did I mention puffs? He is not a huge fan of peas....or chicken or beef. I am still trying the chicken and beef. I am also mixing applesauce with a fruit which he is liking.

*He is able to get his pacifier in his mouth on his own which is so fun to watch. He can't quite figure out getting puffs in there, though. Not sure if he can't do it or if he's lazy. Could be both.

*He is still in 3-6 and 6 month clothes. Our little guy is a peanut! That's a technical term; the doctor said so :)

*He has a new game where when he doesn't want his pacifier anymore he spits it out and launches it across the room. He gets some good distance on it and thinks it's so funny.

*When he is being fed and it's something he doesn't like (meat right now) he will blow raspberries when it goes into his mouth. DRIVES ME INSANE!! He also purses his lips together when he is done.

*He thinks it's hilarious when someone sneezes or coughs.

*He also thinks it's hilarious when he gets bonked in the head by a plush soccer ball that he has.

*He loves to watch the dog lunge at him and run around our bedroom. He laughs so hard.

*He is starting to enjoy his baths. He will actually play with a few of the toys that we give him.

*When he lays on his tummy he gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. This is terrifying. My house is not ready for a crawling Dylan yet.

*He is sitting up on his own. He hardly falls over anymore.

*He loves to hear himself talk - especially in Church where his voice echos. Now that he is sitting up and playing on the floor, he's not a huge fan of sitting in our laps or being held at Church. Today Dan and I both took turns standing up with him in the back trying to get him to go to sleep.

*This was not our best photo shoot..but it'll have to do :)

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