Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dylan - 5 months

Dylan Buddy!

5 months have gone by. Crazy!

*He found his thumb.  Last month he found his hands and couldn't keep them out of his mouth.  Now he has singled out his thumb and in it goes.  Just like Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kelly!

*Drooling like a mad man. This is my least favorite stage for sure. Everything is always wet. Yuck.

*Pooping is a production. It's loud and usually ends up with a change of clothes.

*He finally has a semblance of a schedule. We tried making his bed time 8:00 but that just wasn't working out. So he goes to bed at 7:30 (he's usually so tired he goes to bed asleep which I like), wakes up anywhere from 7-7:30 and gets a feeding.  Then he eats his barley at 8:00, bottles at 11 and 3, barley at 5:30 and then last feeding at 7:15.

*Napping? HA! He is boycotting napping now. The other day he took a total of an hour of naps all day. AN HOUR!!

*He is rolling around like crazy. And I miss it EVERY TIME. I have seen it once. I literally will sit with him for 20 minutes and as soon as I leave the room, he flops to his belly. He's usually on his belly when I get him out of bed in the morning.

*He's able to play in his excersaucer, not just stare at the toys.

*He's starting to play around with things that are put in front of him, too.

*He doesn't need the infant seat in the buggy at school! I will take a picture of it soon and post it. It's the cutest thing.

*He's starting to interact with his friends at school. One of his friends (Henry) was rolling around the room and was smothering him with kisses (and boogers) and he didn't care one bit. I wish I had my camera.

We are starting veggies this week (just did carrots today...more on that later.).

I love my little guy!

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