Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cousin Hudson's Birthday Party

Hudson turned 2 a few weeks ago so we all got together on Sunday to celebrate. Dylan definitely has a fan club everywhere he goes - and Ethan is the President of this fan club around the Rogers' family.  No joke, the second we rang the doorbell I heard "BABBBYYYYY!" from inside the house. Ethan was very sad to see that BABY was sleeping when we got there.  So he had to wait about 10 minutes before Dylan BABY woke up.

Just hanging out

Hi Baby!

Let me put my arm around you.


Rolling over is so easy, Dylan!

Aisy loves to hold Dylan, but he's getting too big to enjoy this position.


Hi Mom!

Dylan is a pretty good sport around the Leetch/May kids.  Sarah and Abby are a little amazed.  I am not sure why he's so tolerant, but he is and I am not complaining.

Hudson's birthday party was complete with a chili/hot chocolate/ice cream bar. And some pretty cute pictures of Huddy Buddy


We took a few more pictures but Dylan was getting hungry/tired so we had to take a break!  Then it was present opening time. Hudson seemed to just like ripping into things.  Which is how most 2 year old birthday parties go.

All in all, it was a pretty nice little Sunday :) On to another work week!

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  1. Dylan definitely wins as the most favorite Rogers. Poor kid though...what happens when Baby #2 comes?!?! :)