Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kitchen Message Center

I have a few New Year's Resolutions.  One of which is to become more organized. Enter pinterest

I decided that one of the things I will do to be more organized is to have a running grocery list in the kitchen and to plan meals.  We go out to eat way too much.  Often 2 times a week. It is rare that I cook on a Friday and we eat lunch at home on Saturday and Sunday.

So, here is my message center.  Basically what I did was cover some foam board in fabric. Done. :) FYI, I am new at this tutorial thing so I didn't take that many pictures - I promise to get better!

You'll need:

Foam board - I bought 2 30x20 boards and cut them down to 4 14x14 squares. 
One yard of fabric
Cutting mat and rotary cutter (Thanks Santa!)
Hot glue gun
Small tacks (I used some white brads I had laying around)
Mounting strips
Matching ribbon

After I cut down the foam board (it doesn't have to be perfect - unless you have friends who show up to your house with a ruler.  Then they shouldn't be your friends), I laid them out piece by piece onto the fabric and cut out the corners:

 Then I put hot glue around the back and folded up the fabric pulling it really tight.  If you have a pattern on the fabric though you have to make sure it's centered.

After I did all 4, I started on the board with the ribbon.  I decided I couldn't do push pins because the foam board wasn't thick enough.  And since every project I do, my first goal is to avoid holes in my walls, I decided to make one of these boards.  I cut the ribbon a little bit longer than the square and hot glued it to the back. I love hot glue. Then I pulled it tight and across the board to the other side.  I should've taken more pictures but I was on such a roll. 

 Once I was done with putting on all the ribbon, I took the tacks and pushed them in everywhere the ribbons crossed.  After I put the ribbon on, I realized I should've measured - so it's crooked.  Oh well.

I laminated the Grocery list and This Week's menu and slapped those up with some tacks as well.  The calendar is a scrapbook page I got from Hobby Lobby - I just bought 12.  That's up there with tacks as well.

I might change the weekly menu page and add a to do list because I'm a mess.  But today I went to Target and bought an organizer for the kitchen and I can add it to that so we'll see how it lasts.

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