Saturday, December 15, 2012

3 months old!

This post is about a week late but I have a good excuse! Well, I'm a mom. :)

Here are some 3 month pictures...

Some highlights....

*He has found the amazing things attached to his body called his hands.  He is constantly sticking them in his mouth which in turn means he is constantly drooling.  I keep a bib on him most of the time (and they do at school, too) to avoid super wet shirts.  He will spit out his pacifier and all of the sudden you just hear him gnawing on his hand.

*He had his first cold.  We took him to the doctor and they did chest xrays to make sure it wasn't pneumonia or bronchitis which it wasn't.  But now he's pretty much been on a nebulizer for about 3 weeks now.  His cough is such a bark.

*He is enjoying tummy time a little more.  I put him on his tummy at school and left the room.  I walked by about 5 minutes later and he was on his back because his teachers said he was crying. Umm, spoiled much?!

*He's still sleeping through the night! (Well, then we hit 3 months and a bad cold...more on that later)

*He. hates. his. car seat. Every single time I put him in it he screams.  But when you pick it up to go, he quiets down, starts up again when he's clicked into the base, and then usually falls asleep in the car.  It is very rare that he is awake and quiet on a car ride.

 *His teachers are noticing that everyday he needs to be rocked to sleep just one time.  It's usually in the afternoon.  He is a horrible napper in the afternoon for whatever reason.

*He had his first sick day from school on December 4th.  My first sick day from work was the day before.

*He likes to sit up and is sitting at the table at school.  He has to have a blanket rolled up in front of him to make sure he doesn't flop forward but it's progress!

*He was baptized on December 9th - which I guess should be mentioned in his 4 month post :)

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