Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kitchen Message Center

I have a few New Year's Resolutions.  One of which is to become more organized. Enter pinterest

I decided that one of the things I will do to be more organized is to have a running grocery list in the kitchen and to plan meals.  We go out to eat way too much.  Often 2 times a week. It is rare that I cook on a Friday and we eat lunch at home on Saturday and Sunday.

So, here is my message center.  Basically what I did was cover some foam board in fabric. Done. :) FYI, I am new at this tutorial thing so I didn't take that many pictures - I promise to get better!

You'll need:

Foam board - I bought 2 30x20 boards and cut them down to 4 14x14 squares. 
One yard of fabric
Cutting mat and rotary cutter (Thanks Santa!)
Hot glue gun
Small tacks (I used some white brads I had laying around)
Mounting strips
Matching ribbon

After I cut down the foam board (it doesn't have to be perfect - unless you have friends who show up to your house with a ruler.  Then they shouldn't be your friends), I laid them out piece by piece onto the fabric and cut out the corners:

 Then I put hot glue around the back and folded up the fabric pulling it really tight.  If you have a pattern on the fabric though you have to make sure it's centered.

After I did all 4, I started on the board with the ribbon.  I decided I couldn't do push pins because the foam board wasn't thick enough.  And since every project I do, my first goal is to avoid holes in my walls, I decided to make one of these boards.  I cut the ribbon a little bit longer than the square and hot glued it to the back. I love hot glue. Then I pulled it tight and across the board to the other side.  I should've taken more pictures but I was on such a roll. 

 Once I was done with putting on all the ribbon, I took the tacks and pushed them in everywhere the ribbons crossed.  After I put the ribbon on, I realized I should've measured - so it's crooked.  Oh well.

I laminated the Grocery list and This Week's menu and slapped those up with some tacks as well.  The calendar is a scrapbook page I got from Hobby Lobby - I just bought 12.  That's up there with tacks as well.

I might change the weekly menu page and add a to do list because I'm a mess.  But today I went to Target and bought an organizer for the kitchen and I can add it to that so we'll see how it lasts.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dylan's first Christmas

We survived Dylan's first Christmas! I had to work Christmas Eve so he came with me. We left around 1:30 and came home and opened presents with Daddy. We handed Dylan a present with the paper ripped up a little and watched what he would do.  He didn't care too much which is what I thought.....

Then we were off to Grandma and Grandpa's for church and a steak and lobster dinner...yumm.

On Christmas morning we opened some more presents from my family. Dylan got some new toys to play with soon.  I can't wait to get the Christmas tree down so we can get his new toys up. :)  Again, he didn't care much about the gifts but he really didn't make a peep the whole morning.

At about noon we headed over to Aunt Abby's house to celebrate with the Rogers family.  Dylan got more toys and a pretty neat blanket made with Dan's old Geneseo shirts.

After a few days away from home, we made it back yesterday (Wednesday).  Dylan got to stay home with Dan and I went off to work.  I guess I thought his Christmas would be a little more exciting for him, but I have to remember he is 3.5 months old and doesn't do much. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

3 months old!

This post is about a week late but I have a good excuse! Well, I'm a mom. :)

Here are some 3 month pictures...

Some highlights....

*He has found the amazing things attached to his body called his hands.  He is constantly sticking them in his mouth which in turn means he is constantly drooling.  I keep a bib on him most of the time (and they do at school, too) to avoid super wet shirts.  He will spit out his pacifier and all of the sudden you just hear him gnawing on his hand.

*He had his first cold.  We took him to the doctor and they did chest xrays to make sure it wasn't pneumonia or bronchitis which it wasn't.  But now he's pretty much been on a nebulizer for about 3 weeks now.  His cough is such a bark.

*He is enjoying tummy time a little more.  I put him on his tummy at school and left the room.  I walked by about 5 minutes later and he was on his back because his teachers said he was crying. Umm, spoiled much?!

*He's still sleeping through the night! (Well, then we hit 3 months and a bad cold...more on that later)

*He. hates. his. car seat. Every single time I put him in it he screams.  But when you pick it up to go, he quiets down, starts up again when he's clicked into the base, and then usually falls asleep in the car.  It is very rare that he is awake and quiet on a car ride.

 *His teachers are noticing that everyday he needs to be rocked to sleep just one time.  It's usually in the afternoon.  He is a horrible napper in the afternoon for whatever reason.

*He had his first sick day from school on December 4th.  My first sick day from work was the day before.

*He likes to sit up and is sitting at the table at school.  He has to have a blanket rolled up in front of him to make sure he doesn't flop forward but it's progress!

*He was baptized on December 9th - which I guess should be mentioned in his 4 month post :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mommy and Dylan's sick day

To say that things have been crazy since I returned to work would be an understatement. Obviously, since I haven't updated. Oops.

What's been going on? Honestly nothing huge.  Just trying to get into a groove with Dylan in the mornings.  If I start work at 7, I have to get myself ready after I pump at 5am and then wake him up at 6:30 to feed him and get him dressed.  Sometimes I don't even feed him because he doesn't want to be fed.  I never thought I would have to wake up my 3 month old at 6:30 in the morning.  He is such a good sleeper (at night) and we are so lucky.  He hasn't really been sleeping well for naps though at school.  He's getting used to it. This past month though I would say there was one big event....

Last Sunday (the 25th) we went upstairs to go to bed around 7:30 because I was going to clean out my closet before we went to sleep.  At about 8:30 I started to feel incredibly weak.  I just chalked it up to having a long weekend and being tired so I went to bed.  When the alarm went off at 5am though, I thought I had been run over by a steam roller.  My entire body ached.  I pumped and kept thinking that there was no way I was making it to work.  Dan got out of the shower and I took my temperature - 99.9.  Now my temperature is usually under 98 when normal so I knew this was high.  I texted my boss and told her that I was going to go into work (I was early that day) and probably make a dr's appointment.  She texted back and said she had been up all night with her daughter who had had a fever. Perfect.  As I continued to get ready, I noticed more weakness and more pain in my breast.  I was sure I had mastitis.  My boss called and said she had called school and figured out the schedule so I could take a sick day.  I have called in sick once in my entire life so this was hard for me.

I dropped off Dylan at school at about 7 and told the teachers I was leaving.  Dylan had picked up a little cold and bad cough and it had gotten worse, so I called the doctor for myself and him at 9.  My doctor said I had mastitis and prescribed me an antibiotic.  I made an appointment for Dylan at 5 to make sure he didn't have croup.  At about noon (my fever had made it up to about 102 by this point) I decided there was no way on God's green Earth that I was making it to a doctor's appointment for Dylan.  I was on my couch under 3 blankets (one of which was an electric blanket) and was still shivering.  I literally slept on the couch all day. Dan had also had a wake to attend so I asked my mom if she could come over and help me with Dylan because I couldn't take care of myself, let alone another human being.  Dan took Dylan to the doctor and they gave him a nebulizer treatment and sent him to the hospital to do xrays to make sure he didn't have pneumonia or bronchitis. I was freaking out because I wanted to be there with them.  Turns out he was fine, so Dan brought him back so he could go to the wake.  My mom and Davion came over and hung out with us until about 9 when Dan got back. The doctor wanted Dylan to stay home from school Tuesday so Dan took a sick day.

I was still feeling a little weak on Tuesday but I had to fight through it because I have no more sick time.  I honestly would not wish mastitis upon ANYONE.  I could have muscled through the pain in my breast but that fever kicked my ass. Every inch of my body hurt. I seriously felt like a train had hit me full speed and then ran me over. IT. WAS. AWFUL.

Other than that, we really have just been adjusting.  I haven't been taking too many pictures so I am slacking on my scrapbook for him. Tomorrow is Dylan's baptism so I am hoping to be able to update with pictures! Happy 3 month birthday to Dylan! Pictures to come soon.