Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Everyone loves to give advice. Especially with giant life changing events like planning a wedding and being pregnant/having a baby. So I thought I would share all the advice that was given to me (and whether I found it helpful or not) and add some of my own...

*When you're pregnant, people say "get your sleep now!"  Did not follow. Dan and I never understood this one.  It's not like I can bank sleep during my pregnancy to pull out a few hours here and there when the baby is waking up at 3am.
*Register for a Nap Nanny.  I followed this, and I am glad I did.  It's this baby sized lounger and is quite possibly one of the greatest gifts we got.  Dylan loves it and he sleeps for a while in there when he is not feeling the swing.
*When he sleeps, you sleep.  I did not follow this.  Now that I have 3 weeks left of my leave, I kind of wish I had.  I just had this huge list of things I wanted to do around the house when I was on leave so I just did it all when he was sleeping. I am tired. But I'm going to be tired when I go back to work, so I guess I have to get used to it.

What would I like to add?
*Enjoy your time at home when your husband is off of work.  I did not take advantage of this and it was defintely the fastest week of my maternity leave.
*Don't go to Target the day after you get home from the hospital.
*Buy a cheater swaddle blanket. We got one and he started sleeping through the night. One night it was dirty and he got up at 3am.  I went to Babies R Us the next day and bought 2 more.
*Breastfeeding can sometimes be considered rocket science.  I won't get into the details...
*Babies don't always know what they want.  Sometimes Dylan wants to be held tightly to fall asleep during the day.  Sometimes he wants me to leave him alone on the boppy pillow or nap nanny to fall asleep. I don't think he even knows what kind of mood he's in.
*Contrary to popular belief, being a mom doesn't always come natural.  And that's okay.
*No matter how tired you are when you're in the end of your pregnancy, make frozen meals for when you're on leave. Dylan (and most babies apparently) has a witching hour from 5-9 and just cries.  This makes it difficult to make dinner. I wish I had more meals that I could just throw in the oven or crock pot. I am trying to put things together during the middle of the day when he's taking his afternoon nap and then throw it in the fridge until it's ready to be cooked.  Thank you, pinterest.

When I have my next kid, Dylan will be at school from open to close.  I did too much in the beginning of my maternity leave and I sort of regret it.  I wish I would've taken it a little easier. But, you live and you learn.

Hoping to update more, and add recipes I've tried from pinterest. :)

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