Tuesday, October 23, 2012

6 weeks old

Dylan is 6 weeks old! Where has the time gone?

We have learned that Dylan is a high maintenance kind of kid.  Sometimes he wants to be held, and sometimes when I put him down he couldn't be happier.  It's difficult figuring everything out.  This past few days he has been eating weird - for like 5-6 minutes every hour. And fussing while he's eating.  I thought it might be reflux so I called the dr's office.  The lactation nurse called me back (because I am strictly nursing) and she confirmed my worst fear....she told me to remove dairy from my diet. NOOOOOOO!! Cheese and ice cream are my 2 favorite foods.  I had been cutting down on ice cream because I had a feeling this was going to be an issue. Boo.

On a better note, he has been sleeping like a champ at night.  We went to Arkansas this past weekend for a wedding and he slept 10 hours on Sunday night after we got back.  I think the drive wore him out.  He was fine for the beginning of the trip but for the last 5-6 hours he just cried every hour so we would stop and get out and play with him for a while. I don't blame him.  I was done being in the car, too.

We left Thursday night and drove about 3 hours.  We got to a hotel at around 11:30 and they had no cribs.  So we hoped over to the 24 hour wal mart (thank GOD) and bought a pack and play that we will return because we already have one at home. Then on Friday when we were finishing our trip, a rock came up and hit our windshield and cracked it.  Dan probably wouldn't have gotten it fixed if he made the trip on his own but for my piece of mind, we got it fixed Saturday morning before the wedding festivities.

The wedding was great (it was one of Dan's friends from EY). There was another couple there who had a baby about 3 weeks before Dylan.  When I was pregnant, I always told myself that I wouldn't be one of those new moms who constantly talks about their kid to the point where it sounds like they're bragging about their 6 week old - can you really brag about a 6 week old?  But as I was talking to the other new mom, I realized that I was doing just that.  It was all I could talk about.  It was like word vomit.  It had taken over my life.  This sort of made me realize that I need to get back to work and have some more adult interaction :)

Only about a week and a half left of maternity leave.  I have a few more things I want to get done before I go back.  Sometimes I feel like it flew by but sometimes I feel like it didn't.  I am excited to get back into the working world and with my co workers - I miss them. I also am excited to start getting a paycheck again :)

Well, Dylan is sleeping so I better be productive with my time! Gonna put dinner together - beef burrito bowls

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