Saturday, September 1, 2012

Due Date

Here we are - on the due date. I seriously never thought I would reach this point.  With all of our friends and/or family around us lately having their children early, and my awful luck, I thought for sure I was going to go early too.  It's just so crazy to think that I'm actually still pregnant.

That's really all I have to say - haha.  Just that it's unbelievable.  I really don't believe in all of those old wives tales about walking and eating spicy foods to induce labor.  So we are just relaxing today.  We went to the grocery store this morning to get a bunch of stuff for easy dinners.  I felt like we were stocking up for the apocalypse or something. Then we went to Target and used a gift card that we had for some clothes for baby.

We just got back from our 3rd walk of the day.  I am still not feeling anything.  I don't even think I have felt a contraction.  But I've been told by a few people that they had their water break before they even felt contractions. So here I sit, on the couch, on a blanket, just in case. :)

My next appointment is on Tuesday so if I make it to that appointment they will schedule something for later on in the week - we are hoping for Tuesday night :) So now I'm kind of at the point where I hope nothing happens this weekend and we just get to schedule something. But we'll see what happens. 

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