Tuesday, August 14, 2012

37 weeks

We are at that point where the doctor checks me once a week!  Man, it's painful.  This past Monday she said that if I called her to let her know that my water broke, she would laugh.  So we are far away.  Which is OKAY with me.  School starts the 20th so I would really like to get through that week.  She said I was about 20-30% effaced but that it didn't really mean anything. I told her that I am so okay with being late and not being early.  She told me that she never hears that. Haha. Maybe after we get through the 20th I will be singing a different tune.

For my picture this week, I thought I'd share a few that my sister took last weekend. :)

We haven't been up to much lately.  We packed our bag and Little Dude's bag and we are ready for anything! Ok, maybe not anything.

Dan started his new job yesterday and seems to be enjoying it.  The commute is pretty crappy so far but it's only been 2 days so we will see if it gets any better.  I am exhausted.  Mentally and physically.  All I think about is when this baby is coming and physically I am just tired.  I am too tired to roll over at night. Too tired to do anything, really.  My body is exhausted.

I had a ton of thoughts for this blog post, but speaking of being exhausted.....I can't focus my thoughts!! :)

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