Monday, July 16, 2012

Picture Wall!

Here it is - Little Man's picture wall!  It was so easy.  All I did was paint the letters and add ribbon (the letter L doesn't want to hang right.  Dan says it gives it character.  AKA, stop worrying about it and leave it alone.)  Then I nailed up some ribbon and added the clothespins that I made.  Finally, (this step I will probably regret when it's time to take it down) I hot glued the orange stars to the ribbon.  I may or may not have gotten some hot glue on the walls.  Oops.

I need some more of Kelly and Kevin - a lot of the ones I have we are all pretty drunk :)  We got the futon in there too.  All we need is the crib and dresser! Oh, and Baby Boy. :)

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