Tuesday, July 31, 2012

34-35 weeks

Here we are at 35 weeks!  I can't believe we are 5 weeks away (theoretically) from meeting our son.

Dan thought it would be funny to just take a picture and leave the massive amounts of boxes from the shower we had :) He was right.  Since I don't really have much to write on this picture anyway.  I'm not really having any more cravings or "symptoms" if you will.  My feet still hurt and my back is aching by the end of the day.  I know it could be worse, for sure.  People keep asking me how I'm feeling, and honestly, I feel good. I always thought that at this point in my pregnancy I would refuse to let Dan leave my side, get angry when he didn't answer his phone and just be miserable.  I feel really good.  He is going to be gone all day Saturday at a golf outing for Sarah and when she invited him, my first thought was no way.  I thought I needed him right next to me in case anything happened.  But I've been feeling so good that I'm not concerned with him going.  The doctor said he is showing no signs of coming early so I'm not worried. :) I better knock on wood though!

In exciting news, Dan got a job offer that was too good to refuse so he's starting a new job on August 13th.  Everyone at his work is so happy for him but bummed that he's leaving.  They are covering our insurance so I'm not worried about that. (It's amazing how many times I'VE said "I'm not worried" lately.)

I always thought I would have a hard time letting go of control at this point in my pregnancy as well.  I dreamed that I would just be a MESS.  I am handling it so well and it's surprising to me but I'm happy for myself.  I'm happy that I can handle everything well.  I just keep thinking about possible scenarios for childbirth.  Emergency C-Section, middle of the night, middle of the day...and it's all okay with me.  If I have to have a C-Section, I have to have it.  I trust doctors and will follow their lead!  I"m excited to see how it all happens.

Still haven't packed that bag yet. :) It's the one thing Dan keeps reminding me about.  I am scared because when I do it, anything could happen.  But I guess if he's ready, he's coming...bag or no bag.

Not much coming up.  August 18th is our niece Avery's birthday party (which I previously had thought there was no way I was attending - but again, I feel great.) and starting next Monday, I am going to the doctor every week! I feel like it was only a few weeks ago that I was sitting on my bedroom floor in disbelief that the pregnancy test read positive.

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