Tuesday, July 17, 2012

33 big. fat. weeks.

Here we are - at 33 weeks!  We had our tour of the hospital and childbirth class on Sunday.  I felt like it was very informative for Dan, and answered a lot of my hospital related questions.  I knew a lot of the medical stuff from classes I've taken for work/school so I was more excited for things like what to pack for the hospital, when to call the doctor, who can visit, when can they visit, etc.  We watched a video as well of childbirth.  It wasn't as graphic and I thought it would be.  I've seen a few before.  This one was waaay outdated - so it was a little corny.

Every time I update, I write that I feel him moving a lot.  He just keeps getting more and more active.  There are times where I will just look down and my stomach is doing a dance.  People I'm having conversations with will notice it.  His kicks are started to hurt more and more and I'm having a hard time getting comfortable.  I think I am officially in the funny stage of pregnancy - everything I do is comical.  I should sell tickets to this freak show. 
--Every time I try to pick something up from the ground, I grunt.  It's physically impossible for me not to grunt.
--I fell over last night while putting on my underwear.  Thank God Dan wasn't there to see that.  Also thank God that the bed broke my fall.
--I make a MESS every time I eat.  Today I decided it was a good idea to wipe my potato chip fingers on my ass to get them "clean" every time I ate a chip.  Problem is, my shorts were white (cotton) so I walked around for half the day with grease spots ALL OVER my ass.  I pretty basically told all my teachers what I did so we could all laugh together.  I feel like if I make it known that I know what I did, it makes it less embarrassing.
--I physically cannot move after I eat.  He sits up so high that I have to sit in one spot and not move for about an hour or I'll be incredibly uncomfortable.
--I am going to lose it if one more person asks me how I'm holding up in the heat.  Literally every person I come into contact with during my day asks me about it. I don't mind the heat, I just don't like what it does to my now swelling body - the fat feet, fat fingers, puffy face....

I bought a journal to start writing things to Him.  I'm not sure if I'll give it to Him (because he's a boy and probably won't appreciate it) but it will be nice to get everything out onto paper.  When I first got pregnant, I'll admit, I did not feel a connection.  To me, he was just a little parasite that was causing me to throw up and give me massive migraines for what felt like ever.  I was just focused on getting through my day without dieing.  Even when we found out that he was a boy, I didn't feel it.  But lately, I have really been getting emotional thinking about him.  I think it's because we are started to accumulate a lot of stuff (holy crap, a lot of stuff) in the house and it's all for HIM.  I am moving some of my stuff out (which if you know me is crazy because I am a selfish pack rat) to make more room for him and his stuff.  When we went to the childbirth class and we were in the delivery room, she was talking about putting the baby right on you when he comes out and I started to tear up a little bit.  Just the thought of him actually being here was just so breathtaking.  Everyone keeps talking about the love you have for your children - I can't wait to finally be able to understand what they mean.  Only a matter of time....

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