Tuesday, July 31, 2012

34-35 weeks

Here we are at 35 weeks!  I can't believe we are 5 weeks away (theoretically) from meeting our son.

Dan thought it would be funny to just take a picture and leave the massive amounts of boxes from the shower we had :) He was right.  Since I don't really have much to write on this picture anyway.  I'm not really having any more cravings or "symptoms" if you will.  My feet still hurt and my back is aching by the end of the day.  I know it could be worse, for sure.  People keep asking me how I'm feeling, and honestly, I feel good. I always thought that at this point in my pregnancy I would refuse to let Dan leave my side, get angry when he didn't answer his phone and just be miserable.  I feel really good.  He is going to be gone all day Saturday at a golf outing for Sarah and when she invited him, my first thought was no way.  I thought I needed him right next to me in case anything happened.  But I've been feeling so good that I'm not concerned with him going.  The doctor said he is showing no signs of coming early so I'm not worried. :) I better knock on wood though!

In exciting news, Dan got a job offer that was too good to refuse so he's starting a new job on August 13th.  Everyone at his work is so happy for him but bummed that he's leaving.  They are covering our insurance so I'm not worried about that. (It's amazing how many times I'VE said "I'm not worried" lately.)

I always thought I would have a hard time letting go of control at this point in my pregnancy as well.  I dreamed that I would just be a MESS.  I am handling it so well and it's surprising to me but I'm happy for myself.  I'm happy that I can handle everything well.  I just keep thinking about possible scenarios for childbirth.  Emergency C-Section, middle of the night, middle of the day...and it's all okay with me.  If I have to have a C-Section, I have to have it.  I trust doctors and will follow their lead!  I"m excited to see how it all happens.

Still haven't packed that bag yet. :) It's the one thing Dan keeps reminding me about.  I am scared because when I do it, anything could happen.  But I guess if he's ready, he's coming...bag or no bag.

Not much coming up.  August 18th is our niece Avery's birthday party (which I previously had thought there was no way I was attending - but again, I feel great.) and starting next Monday, I am going to the doctor every week! I feel like it was only a few weeks ago that I was sitting on my bedroom floor in disbelief that the pregnancy test read positive.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

33 big. fat. weeks.

Here we are - at 33 weeks!  We had our tour of the hospital and childbirth class on Sunday.  I felt like it was very informative for Dan, and answered a lot of my hospital related questions.  I knew a lot of the medical stuff from classes I've taken for work/school so I was more excited for things like what to pack for the hospital, when to call the doctor, who can visit, when can they visit, etc.  We watched a video as well of childbirth.  It wasn't as graphic and I thought it would be.  I've seen a few before.  This one was waaay outdated - so it was a little corny.

Every time I update, I write that I feel him moving a lot.  He just keeps getting more and more active.  There are times where I will just look down and my stomach is doing a dance.  People I'm having conversations with will notice it.  His kicks are started to hurt more and more and I'm having a hard time getting comfortable.  I think I am officially in the funny stage of pregnancy - everything I do is comical.  I should sell tickets to this freak show. 
--Every time I try to pick something up from the ground, I grunt.  It's physically impossible for me not to grunt.
--I fell over last night while putting on my underwear.  Thank God Dan wasn't there to see that.  Also thank God that the bed broke my fall.
--I make a MESS every time I eat.  Today I decided it was a good idea to wipe my potato chip fingers on my ass to get them "clean" every time I ate a chip.  Problem is, my shorts were white (cotton) so I walked around for half the day with grease spots ALL OVER my ass.  I pretty basically told all my teachers what I did so we could all laugh together.  I feel like if I make it known that I know what I did, it makes it less embarrassing.
--I physically cannot move after I eat.  He sits up so high that I have to sit in one spot and not move for about an hour or I'll be incredibly uncomfortable.
--I am going to lose it if one more person asks me how I'm holding up in the heat.  Literally every person I come into contact with during my day asks me about it. I don't mind the heat, I just don't like what it does to my now swelling body - the fat feet, fat fingers, puffy face....

I bought a journal to start writing things to Him.  I'm not sure if I'll give it to Him (because he's a boy and probably won't appreciate it) but it will be nice to get everything out onto paper.  When I first got pregnant, I'll admit, I did not feel a connection.  To me, he was just a little parasite that was causing me to throw up and give me massive migraines for what felt like ever.  I was just focused on getting through my day without dieing.  Even when we found out that he was a boy, I didn't feel it.  But lately, I have really been getting emotional thinking about him.  I think it's because we are started to accumulate a lot of stuff (holy crap, a lot of stuff) in the house and it's all for HIM.  I am moving some of my stuff out (which if you know me is crazy because I am a selfish pack rat) to make more room for him and his stuff.  When we went to the childbirth class and we were in the delivery room, she was talking about putting the baby right on you when he comes out and I started to tear up a little bit.  Just the thought of him actually being here was just so breathtaking.  Everyone keeps talking about the love you have for your children - I can't wait to finally be able to understand what they mean.  Only a matter of time....

Monday, July 16, 2012

Picture Wall!

Here it is - Little Man's picture wall!  It was so easy.  All I did was paint the letters and add ribbon (the letter L doesn't want to hang right.  Dan says it gives it character.  AKA, stop worrying about it and leave it alone.)  Then I nailed up some ribbon and added the clothespins that I made.  Finally, (this step I will probably regret when it's time to take it down) I hot glued the orange stars to the ribbon.  I may or may not have gotten some hot glue on the walls.  Oops.

I need some more of Kelly and Kevin - a lot of the ones I have we are all pretty drunk :)  We got the futon in there too.  All we need is the crib and dresser! Oh, and Baby Boy. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

32 Weeks

Hello reader(s)!

I am officially 32 weeks!  I feel like I'm getting huge and having a hard time moving around.

Everything that is done is done with a grunt.

I have been doing a lot of crafting.  Some for his room (all done with his picture wall - will post pictures soon.) and some for my Etsy shop.  I had my 32 week appointment yesterday and everything is going well.  My due date is the same and she said he is showing no signs of coming early.  I am so okay with that.  I want him to stay in there as long as he needs to.  I am so not ready for him.  We need furniture for his room and that's about it.  I have my last 2 showers coming up - one at my mom's and one at work.

My good friend from childhood, Rachael, had her baby last weekend.  They named her Rowan McKinley.  She has so much hair and is so beautiful.  She wrote about her birthing experience and I'm not gonna lie, it scared the shit out of me.   She had planned to do it without drugs, which I have no desire to do, but I have a lot of respect for her.

Seeing all the pictures of her family meeting her and her and her husband with her got me really excited.  Also I liked hearing how she named her.  We are down to 2, maybe 3, names.  I want to want to see what he looks like but Dan doesn't buy that.  He wants to have a name ready before we go into the hospital. 

I also got an email from what to expect and there was a whole thing about things people wish other mothers would have told them about childbirth, labor, etc.  One that really hit me was "pack a bag!"  We are 8 weeks out and I don't have a bag packed but I guess anything could happen right now really.  So that is on my list this weekend - to pack a bag.  I think I finally picked his going home outfit so that's exciting :)

Work is starting to kind of make me tired, but I don't really want to cut back because I get paid hourly.  It's not like it's making me stressed or anything so I don't think cutting back would even do anything for me.  It's just hard getting up early to do early shifts, but it is exhausting when I get home at 6:30 for the late shifts.  If I could work 9:30-3:30 that would be great :)

My craving for watermelon is out of this world.  I cannot stop eating it.  Every time I go to the grocery store, I do not leave without watermelon or strawberries.  Most of the time it's both.

Nothing else going on really!   We have our class this weekend and tour of the hospital.  I'm excited because I feel like I have a lot of questions. So we'll see how that goes!  Other than that, I'm hoping to update more since we're getting closer here.