Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30 Weeks

So, I had every intention of taking a 30 week picture on Monday night after our yearly appointment with Shadow at the vet.  However, Shadow had some friends that had other plans...

I showed up at his appointment on time and ready to go.  I got a whole spcheil (is that a word?) about a new vaccine that is important for dogs especially if you go to dog parks and take frequent walks.  So they talked me into it.  He needs a booster in 2-3 weeks but everything is paid for now. Ok, cool.  We get into the room (Shadow is a little on the chubby side...oops) and talk about what seemed like normal things. 

The vet comes in and Shadow is all over him because he knows he gives him treats.  They get him on the table and they're talking about introducing the baby to Shadow, ways to get him to drop some weight, and then BAM...he runs a comb through his hair and finds FLEA DIRT.


I had given him a treatment on Saturday so I was assuming they were all dead.  All he found was dirt.  So he goes into the whole thing about what I need to do when I get home.  Wash blankets, vacuum, use this spray stuff on the carpets and floors after you're done (oh, that I can't inhale)...and then he said the words I Had been dreading...you need to give the cat a bath.  Laser is 4 years old and has never had a bath. EVER. Because she's horrible.  And she hates being held.  He said I could probably video tape it and put it on YouTube and get famous.  So they gave me treatments for Laser and we went home.  I started vacuuming like a mad woman.  Dan got home and we did 3 loads of laundry (all blankets) and he sprayed the basement and the babies' room.  Then we locked ourselves in the bedroom at about 7:30pm with towels wedged under the doorways so we wouldn't inhale this stuff. 

Laser's bath was just as bad as I thought it would be.  Dan just held her and  I sprayed her down.  So he was soaked in the end.  Then we threw Shadow in and sprayed him down.  We put the flea stuff on Laser and she started running around like crazy foaming at the mouth.  After I was done following her around the bedroom with a paper towel wiping up her spit, trying not to cry, I read on the box that if they eat it, it's bitter, and they salivate.  Gross.

The next morning Dan did the rest of the house and we locked the animals in the basement for the day.  I went to work early (because I couldn't be in the house and had nothing else to do) and by the time I got back for my lunch break the fumes were gone so it was safe.

Other than this, things have been ok :)

Things I can no longer do anymore include the following:
-Tying my shoes.
-Bending over to pick something up without grunting.
-Walking past a fruit stand and not picking up some kind of fresh fruit.
-Walking down the candy aisle and not buying Starburst.
-Waking up less than 3 times a night.

My fingers/hands are killing me - joint pain I guess is common! Boo.

Will take a picture tomorrow - all you're missing is a big old belly :)

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