Sunday, May 6, 2012

22 Weeks

Yesterday I was 23 weeks, so I thought it was time to update from 22 weeks. :)

--I am feeling him move A LOT.  I am assuming it's him because it's something that I've never felt before. It is so cool to just be sitting at work and feel him.  I am going to miss that I think.
--He is crazy active after I eat and when I have to pee a lot.  I think he is running out of space.
--We got last minute tickets to the Cubs game the weekend of 20 weeks I believe. It was cold!  I am bummed we didn't get a picture of the bump at Wrigley Field.
--HEARTBURN SUCKS!!  I have never had it before but pretty much every night I feel like I can breathe fire.  The only thing that seems to help is drinking milk or eating ice cream - I'll take it :)
--I feel like I can't walk as fast.  I know this sounds silly but when we take Shadow for walks, I feel like Dan is walking super fast and I am running out of breath quickly.  Which is weird because I have only gained like 8 pounds - maybe 10.
--We finally decided on a color scheme and furniture for his room.  We went ahead and registered for it so maybe we'll get some for my first shower at the end of the month and we can start painting.

We bought lots of clothes!  We also got some from Dan's sister Abby.  We washed them and they're sitting in the closet waiting for a dresser so we can start organizing.  We also bought a new car on Monday which was very overwhelming.  We decided at about 8:30pm we were going to buy it so we didn't get home until around 11:00.  That was terrible, considering I go to bed at 9:30.

Next Saturday starts our 4 weddings in a row!  I am hoping I don't grow too much so I can wear the same dress to all of them, but that remains to be seen :)

I also have decided to make his baby book.  It is turning out to be really fun.  I might even add it to my shop on Etsy.

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  1. You guys are on top of it! I looked at your registry, such fun stuff! And we will have the same crib! I love that his room will have orange, I love orange for girls and boys :) You are looking great friend!