Sunday, April 8, 2012

19 Weeks

Here we are at 19 weeks!

Side note: We found a new place to take the pictures. I still think I look terrible, BUT, the setting is better.

Anyway, these last 2 weeks have been flying by.  And I am convinced it's because I am not starting off each and every day with throwing up what little amount of something I had in my stomach.  Thank you Jesus that that is over.  Here's what's been going on:
-My belly is starting to itch.  Specifically right after I eat a lot.  My neighbor gave me some coconut oil that has been helping a lot.  It's kind of addicting.
-My bad acne is making its triumphant return!  It sucks.  When I asked the doctor if I could use benzoil peroxide, she said "Are you drinking the stuff?" To which I replied, "no." So she said I could use it.  It really hasn't been working that well.  I discovered Yes To Carrots face wash which is really nice.
-My cousin Candace had her baby! She wasn't due until April 20th but Addison Zenna had other plans.  She was born early Easter morning.  I will meet her in July for my shower but Baby Rogers will have to wait.  We are planning to go to Texas next summer so they will meet then.
-I can't believe that in one week from tomorrow we will be finding out the sex.  Well that is, if this baby cooperates.  I am hoping he/she does because I am not leaving that ultrasound room until they tell me :)
-I think I might be feeling baby move.  It's a weird feeling but it feels like something is swooshing (yes, that's a word) across the inside of my stomach.  It's usually at the bottom left. I try to push back but no answer.  But then I'll feel it again like 5 minutes later.
-It is officially uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach.  This sucks. I am a total stomach sleeper so it's getting harder and harder to fall asleep.  I feel the "swooshing" when I try to lay on my stomach.
-When I eat a lot of food my stomach feels like it is going to rip if I breathe too hard, sneeze (which is like every 20 minutes it feels like), yawn, or cough. I told Dan imagine every meal you ate was like Thanksgiving.  That's how it feels.
-I'm just going to come right out and say it - my ass is huge. I can't handle it!

We have a very full calendar for May and a little bit of June/July.  I will be going to 4 weddings while pregnant.  Luckily I can wear the same dress to all.  It should be interesting.

I'm also getting excited for an old friend, Rachael, who is about 8 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy.  She is officially in her third trimester! (yay!) I love reading her blog because it makes me get excited about what I have to look forward to. And it reminds me of some things that we need to add to our to-do list :)

One last thing, it is Laser Cat's birthday today! So I knew she wanted to get in on the picture action.


  1. I can't believe you find out in a week boy or girl! I am so excited!!!!!!!! Your belly is looking adorable friend