Tuesday, April 17, 2012



Dan and I were so surprised to find out that this little baby is a boy.  The doctor took about 3 penis pictures because I kept asking him if he was sure.  It's definitely there. :)

--The night of the doctor's appointment as we were falling asleep, I could feel him moving around a lot.  He moves around now when I lay on my back and stomach.  I grabbed Dan's hand to feel it, and he did.  It was so cool.  He said it wasn't how he thought it was going to feel but it was still cool.
--I have had this urge to bake.  I made mini pineapple upside down cupcakes.  My work and Dan's work are going to be so lucky this week :)  I plan to make lots more.
--We had a lot more solid girl names I think (I had my top 3) but NO boys' names.  It's weird though, because today I was able to rattle off my top 3 boy names now that it's real.
--I can not stop eating.  This is such a nice change from puking every day.
--I am getting some energy! I actually have been toying with the idea of running again.  I miss it.

I am still in disbelief and shock that it's a boy.  I had the crib bedding and everything picked out of it was a girl, but not a boy. So I had a little mini panic attack yesterday because I felt I NEEDED to know what kind of crib bedding I needed, ASAP.  Totally not necessary at this point.

It really does make things feel totally real.  Seeing him, talking about him, finding out that he's developing correctly....it's really fun. We went and registered after our appointment yesterday and I always imagined I'd be walking around Target with the registering gun (totally off on that one, Dan had full range, I just pointed) scanning pinks, purples, flowers, laces, frills....not blue, green, footballs, dogs, frogs....I just can't stress enough how much I did not see myself as a boy mom.  I always imagined I'd be putting my first child's hair in pigtails.  I am not disappointed, obviously.  He is healthy and there were no issues.  One small issue (with me, not baby), but the doctor wants to do another ultrasound in 8 weeks to check it out again, so I'm seeing it as a positive.  I'll get to see him again  and this time hopefully he won't look like such an alien. :)

What's coming up?  Weddings!  We are going to Geneseo this Saturday to go through Dan's sister's storage unit and then lots of weddings starting the first weekend of May.  Bring it on :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

19 Weeks

Here we are at 19 weeks!

Side note: We found a new place to take the pictures. I still think I look terrible, BUT, the setting is better.

Anyway, these last 2 weeks have been flying by.  And I am convinced it's because I am not starting off each and every day with throwing up what little amount of something I had in my stomach.  Thank you Jesus that that is over.  Here's what's been going on:
-My belly is starting to itch.  Specifically right after I eat a lot.  My neighbor gave me some coconut oil that has been helping a lot.  It's kind of addicting.
-My bad acne is making its triumphant return!  It sucks.  When I asked the doctor if I could use benzoil peroxide, she said "Are you drinking the stuff?" To which I replied, "no." So she said I could use it.  It really hasn't been working that well.  I discovered Yes To Carrots face wash which is really nice.
-My cousin Candace had her baby! She wasn't due until April 20th but Addison Zenna had other plans.  She was born early Easter morning.  I will meet her in July for my shower but Baby Rogers will have to wait.  We are planning to go to Texas next summer so they will meet then.
-I can't believe that in one week from tomorrow we will be finding out the sex.  Well that is, if this baby cooperates.  I am hoping he/she does because I am not leaving that ultrasound room until they tell me :)
-I think I might be feeling baby move.  It's a weird feeling but it feels like something is swooshing (yes, that's a word) across the inside of my stomach.  It's usually at the bottom left. I try to push back but no answer.  But then I'll feel it again like 5 minutes later.
-It is officially uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach.  This sucks. I am a total stomach sleeper so it's getting harder and harder to fall asleep.  I feel the "swooshing" when I try to lay on my stomach.
-When I eat a lot of food my stomach feels like it is going to rip if I breathe too hard, sneeze (which is like every 20 minutes it feels like), yawn, or cough. I told Dan imagine every meal you ate was like Thanksgiving.  That's how it feels.
-I'm just going to come right out and say it - my ass is huge. I can't handle it!

We have a very full calendar for May and a little bit of June/July.  I will be going to 4 weddings while pregnant.  Luckily I can wear the same dress to all.  It should be interesting.

I'm also getting excited for an old friend, Rachael, who is about 8 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy.  She is officially in her third trimester! (yay!) I love reading her blog because it makes me get excited about what I have to look forward to. And it reminds me of some things that we need to add to our to-do list :)

One last thing, it is Laser Cat's birthday today! So I knew she wanted to get in on the picture action.