Tuesday, February 28, 2012

13 Weeks


It's been a while. :) We finally started taking pictures so I'll post a few....
I look like hell in these pictures for whatever reason.  I had a 12 week picture but I look TERRIBLE so I am not posting it :)

It's kind of crazy to think that something is growing inside me.  I think I "popped" this past weekend when my mom and I were in Michigan for my cousin's wedding shower.  I woke up Saturday morning and BAM...I was pregnant.  I think it's so hard for me to accept having a belly because the baby is only the size of a shrimp!  But I know my body is doing other things to get ready for it as well.  It's just nuts to think about.

I can not wait to find out what we are having.  I am seriously going crazy.  Everyone at work is trying to convince me otherwise but it's just not going to work.  MAYBE I will be surprised for the last one but I have to plan for this one.  Pink or blue room?  I am just going nuts.  Here's a little recap of the past few weeks:

- Everyone knows!  We made the big facebook announcement so I can finally feel like I can talk about it to everyone.
- I seem to be craving apples and cinnamon flavored things.  It's very weird because I have never been a huge fan of that.
- My nausea is getting worse.  It's a lot of dry heaving because it only happens when I am starving.  I'm not used to eating every hour.
- My energy seems to be coming back a little bit.  I am still pretty tired but it's been worse. 
- Still can't really do meat.  Beef is gross. 
- The old wives tales seem to be pointing toward girl which makes me a very happy mommy. :)

I am going to try to start posting weekly! Now that I'm actually sharing this.

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