Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week 5

Hello baby! You are 5 weeks old...or something.

I feel like I want to document EVERYTHING because I'll never get a first pregnancy back.  Also, when this child tells me that I hate them and never do anything for them, I'll have ammo :)

This week is going well.  I am just feeling VERY weak in the mornings and at night.  It is 7pm (Daddy is working late) and I am debating getting my bowl of ice cream and heading up to bed.

OH YEAH! We told our parents the great news this past weekend.  Mom mom was in tears and  I immediately told her to shut her mouth because I didn't want Davion to know.  She was excited though.  I think it will become more real when we tell the rest of our family.  We told Dan's dad over the phone and he was super excited, too.  He surprised me and did not say "finally!"   We told them all to keep their mouths shut until we were able to tell our siblings.  We are going to get my brother on Skype and tell him that way because he is in Colorado.  But I know he is going to be beyond excited.  He will be bummed when he finds out it's a girl.  Yes, I am already claiming that it's a girl. :)

I am having a hard time understanding that there is a person growing inside me.  I have an app on our iPad that goes through the pregnancy week by week and shows pictures, (it is the size of a sesame seed now!) but I just can't fathom that something is in there.  It's weird that I am not getting my period, I am really tired (I usually am anyway) and sometimes feel a little yucky in the mornings but it's just weird.  I think it will be ore real when I start showing.  As if I haven't already said "holy shit" enough times since December 27th.

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