Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spilled the beans!

Well, the word is out!!

This past weekend we told our siblings. Even though I've been saying the phrase "I'm pregnant" in my head for about 6 weeks now, it still is weird.  I find myself saying "I'm having a baby" more so than "I'm pregnant."  It's kind of like that weird relationship phase when I never wanted to say "fiancee" when Dan and I were engaged.  I thought that by the time we got married, I would be comfortable saying it.  I was wrong.  I never felt okay saying it.  So I am just accepting the fact that I will probably never be comfortable saying "I'm pregnant."

My "morning sickness" (which I am now calling "all the damn time sickness") is still here.  We had our first doctor appointment yesterday and she gave me some advice on how to control it.  She said to eat small meals.  Honestly, I don't think I am going to listen to her. Shocking, I know.  But when I am ready to eat, I eat.  If I miss that window of feeling semi-okay, it's gone.  This afternoon I felt like crap and almost threw up at work (which would've been awkward considering when I puke the entire town can hear me, and my staff and families don't know that I am pregnant).  I forced myself to eat a grilled cheese sandwich and it felt AWESOME. I wanted to make 6 more but had no energy.  Poor Dan has been suffering big time.  I don't cook anymore because I can not stand the sight of meat.  So I took some pork chops out for him and was totally going to cook them up for him but couldn't even touch them while they were in the fridge.  Everyone (well, doctor, nurse, mom, websites) say that I will feel better in my second trimester....I sure hope they know what they're talking about.

The doctor also asked if my prenatal vitamins are causing nausea.  I guess I never thought about it so I am going to not take them for a few days and see if that makes a difference.  I am pretty much willing to try anything at this point.  I feel like I've been hungover for 6 weeks.  And apparently I have about 4-6 weeks left of this awful hangover - I didn't even get to enjoy the fun night of drinking that caused it!!!!

So, back to the doctor appointment.....we had an ultrasound (I don't know why I keep saying we....the baby is in me!) and they took a few pictures and also we heard the heartbeat.  It was weird!  I didn't cry, which wasn't really surprising.  I think it was because I am not a happy crier...also, it looks sort of like a bean/blob, and not a baby.  The doctor explained all the appointments and everything to me.  I made my next one for February 20th.  I am super excited for the 20 week appointment because we get to confirm that there is a girl in there! :)

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