Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A note from daddy

So, Melanie finally got the babies. It is weird to think it might actually be happening. I had always thought it was going to take a long time and we were going to have a lot of trouble trying to get pregnant. That's probably because I'm pessimistic by nature (I am a Cubs and Illini fan).  Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to keep Melanie from telling everyone she talks to until we at least meet with a doctor a little less than a month from now.

I've been around babies in my family for the last 8 years with 6 nieces and nephews. I think I've been "ready" (as ready as I ever could be) to have a baby for the last year or two.  I've seen the way my sisters are with their kids and how even the ones that like me, nothing is the same as mommy or daddy (or Opa). And in the last few years, I've seen it with my college friends. And that was really strange, as these were the guys I saw do some of the stupidest things in my life. And now they were responsible for a child and doing it well. And seeing the way their kids look at them and they look at their kids, it's something I am very much looking forward to having myself.

So I guess you could say I'm pretty excited. But I am scared too. Just trying to think of all the things we have to do over the next 9 months.Clean out the second bedroom. Paint that room, finish the bathroom, paint the bathrooms. Trade in Melanie's car and buy something more reliable. And then there is the whole parenting thing. My friend always told me he was never scared because as he said "my parents didn't screw me up too much, it can't be that hard." I wish I felt that way. However I don't think it's something that will ever change whether we have the baby now or in 10 years. So I'm just going to hope my wife knows what the hell she is doing until I'm able to figure it out myself.

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